Discover Armenia's mountain landscapes

Surrounded by Turkey to the west, Azerbaijan to the east, Georgia to the north and Iran to the south, Armenia is a growing tourist destination. This small Caucasian country with an area of about 30 000 km² is home to more than 3 million people, almost half of them in the capital, Yerevan (or Erevan). With its lakes, plateaus and mountain ranges, Armenia offers a landscape unlike any other. Mount Ararat, on the Turkish border, is the most remarkable example.
Don't miss this pride of the country, reaching up to a height of 5 165 metres, (even though geographically it is considered to be in Turkey). The best way to enjoy the breath-taking nature and discover the country is to hire a car and visit the different regions at your own pace. On leaving Yerevan, go down to the Ararat plain, then head for Etchmiadzine in the east, and finally to Lake Sevan.
You will want to visit the many monuments that you encounter in the region, and you won't be disappointed as there are more than 4 000 of them (some of them recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage sites). On your way, don't forget to visit Geghard where you will discover a monastery carved out of the rock.
At the gateway to Asia, with a time difference of just four hours, Armenia offers an agreeable continental climate. Each season of the year brings its own particular weather, however: snow, heat or temperate weather, so there's something for everyone. Still, the period from April to October is the best time to visit. Air France offers several flights each week to Armenia. Don't forget to check the entry requirements before your departure.

Armenia's capital city, nearly 3 000 years old

You mustn't miss Yerevan under any circumstances. This city, one of the oldest in the world, is filled with treasures and wonders. Dotted with parks and fountains, the capital of Armenia has recently come back to life with the growth in tourism.
Its monuments bear witness to many different historical periods and will delight lovers of culture. You'll be amazed by the National Armenian Gallery in Republic Square, then moved by the Armenian Genocide memorial. After that, discover the city's magnificent opera house and admire Yerevan's Blue Mosque and the Church of the Anniversary, both of which date from the XVIIIth century.
Don't hesitate to wander round the streets and meet the inhabitants, known for the warmth of their welcome. You may even meet an achough, a local troubadour, who will tell you stories of Armenia long ago. Whether you're looking for landscapes, culture or folklore, the country has plenty to offer.

Preparing your journey to Armenia