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As the main town in southern Corsica, Ajaccio has a lot going for it. Set between land and sea, the town welcomes visitors kindly and combines the intimacy of a small village with the advantages of a larger city. Bathed in sun all year round, the imperial city - named so as it is Napoleon Bonaparte's home town - has 68,000 citizens and boasts a large surface area of 82.03 km2. However, the East of the city is the only part actually lived in - you can stroll around lots of different neighbourhoods, both modern and traditional. Several regular flights to Ajaccio are offered by Air France with departures from London, via Paris. For a complete change of scenery, go and enjoy the town's many local wonders.

An adventure in Ajaccio

You can start by relaxing on the many beaches boarding this little-known seaside resort. Set in the heart of the city, the Saint-François beach gives you great access both to the sea and city without having to move an inch. For those who prefer quieter beaches, the Argent Beach - less than a kilometre from the centre - is ideal, with its white sand and rocky coastline.

Once rested, why not wander about the city to discover its history? Of course, you can't miss out on the Bonaparte house museum, commemorating the Emperor's life and family. During your outings, you will no doubt notice the many tributes to him: the Napoleonic lounge, statues, the Imperial chapel, etc. If you stay in Ajaccio in June or August, you can take part in the Napoleon Weeks and Napoleon Days.
Another major site is the Fesch museum, home to one of the largest collections of Italian paintings.
You can pursue your trip to Ajaccio with a tour of the old town. Make your way from the Emperor's childhood home through the city's narrow streets. You will discover the heritage left by the Genoese occupation - as of the 14th century - as well as more recent buildings such as the Town Hall or Lantivy Palace, dating back to the 19th century. The cathedral is also a key monument worth visiting. The city is also an excellent starting point for discovering local nature. The Sanguinaires Islands are located in the Gulf of Ajaccio and are a short boat-ride away. Surprising nature can be observed there, as the sight belongs to the Natura 2000 network. This four-island archipelago also boasts architectural riches such as the lighthouse, Parata tower and a lazaretto.

Once back on dry land, you can start exploring the mountainous lands around the city. You have a choice between the high valley of Granova, located about thirty kilometres from the centre, and Prunello Valley which is further away (120 km). To get there, you can use a car rental service. If you are strapped for time, you could still hike around the Imperial City.

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The Corsican city boasts a very pleasant climate all year round. During the summer, temperatures rise to 30°C whereas as in the winter all you need is a jumper as temperatures remain mild at 16°C.
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