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Abuja - city of business

Book a flight with Air France, from London to Abuja, a great destination for those who are planning a trip to Nigeria for business or for holidays. Visit the capital city that succeeded Lagos and experience a delightful, quality stay in this unique city. In 1991, the government relocated to Abuja which serves as the capital city for this great African country.

Abuja- the New Capital

Abuja was intentionally built as the new capital, founded on the political desire to relocate government to a more neutral ground. There are some great hotels and restaurants and many points of interest that are worth the visit. To begin, the Abuja Zoological Gardens, a vast green oasis in the city. Entrance to this peaceful natural haven is free and ideal for a picnic away from the busy city streets. Of course, children will love seeing cheetahs, giraffes and other fascinating animals from the African continent. The great park is situated in the Asokoro District as is the Presidential residence.
The Abuja Millennium Park is well worth a visit as well as the Millennium Tower with its observation decks. There is also a museum and cultural centre with African Art, for the park is home to some of the finest exhibitions.
For spectacular religious architecture, head to the National Ecumenical Centre, the national church of Nigeria, completed in time for the national celebrations dedicated to 45 years of state independence. Inter-denominational, the church represents the many Christian communities in Nigeria. Visitors are welcome and there are guided tours available during quiet moments where you can admire the modern, neo-gothic building close up as well as the rotating altar and impressive pipe organ.
The National Mosque in Abuja also stands as a testimony to another important religion in Nigeria. The large golden dome and 4 minarets serve the Muslim community for prayers as well as providing a library and conference room. During free periods, The National Mosque is open to visitors. Abuja was the choice for Nigeria's new capital partly due to its multi-ethnic, multi-cultural population; a neutral ground where the nation could be united behind one central government. The modern city is clean and attractive with many options for tourists such as high quality hotels and a wide choice of restaurants.
A city rich with projects for the future such as a theme park dedicated to African civilisations, the latest additions to the Millennium Park promise the visitor moments of discovery and pleasure. If you want to shop, head to the traditional Wuse market for just about anything and to the Arts and Crafts Village for a great shopping experience!

Flying to Abuja

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