Love your pet? We do too! Air France commits to doing everything possible to make its trip as comfortable as yours.

Transporting animals

In the hold, in the cabin or by freight… On certain types of aircraft or for certain destinations, transporting animals may be limited or prohibited.

Need advice? Contact our customer service team as soon as possible before your trip. You can make a booking for you and your pet at the same time by telephone. Want to buy your ticket online? Book your flight on our website, then contact our customer service team as quickly as possible afterwards by telephone to add your pet to the booking.

Transporting your animal by freight

In certain cases, your pet cannot travel with you in the cabin or in the hold. It must be transported by freight if:
  • the animal and its container weigh more than 75 kg / 165 lb,
  • it is traveling to a country that authorizes animal transport only by freight.

Snub-nosed dogs and cats, such as pugs, bulldogs, boxers, Shih Tzus and Persian or Burmese cats, are permitted for transport by freight on flights provided by Air France.
For all these conditions, please contact AIR FRANCE KLM Cargo freight service.

Purchase a travel container for your pet

You can buy a travel bag for transporting your pet in the cabin or in the hold on our Air France Shopping website.
Purchased items are available for delivery to the following countries: Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, metropolitan France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States.

Flying Blue members earn Miles with each purchase. And you can even pay in Miles!


  • Your animal must have all required vaccines in order to be permitted on board.
  • All dogs and cats traveling within the European Union must be identified by an electronic chip. It should also possess a European passport. Provided and completed by an authorized veterinarian, the passport identifies your pet and certifies that it is properly vaccinated.
  • Please note: For travel to Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom or Malta, additional sanitary conditions apply. We recommend that you check with the embassy of your destination country.
  • For travel outside the European Union, consider the regulations enforced in the originating and destination countries (vaccinations, quarantine, etc.).

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