Under the Tao waterfall: an extraordinary place

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Under the Tao waterfall: an extraordinary place

At 200 metres high, the Tao waterfall is one of the most beautiful the island has to offer – a real must-see!

Deep in an unspoilt tropical forest, the Tao waterfall is a majestic sight. Viewed from the Oua Pandième bridge or during the short walk down to the swimming spots, it undoubtedly rivals any one of the east coast's many incredible locations. It falls on tribal land, so you'll pass through the vibrant gardens of the tribe that lives there before arriving at the start of the trail. That begins in a dense forest of tree ferns and immense roots which snake thickly over the ground. After a thirty-minute walk you'll reach the superb waterfall, where natural pools cry out for you to take a dip. You can even pass under the waterfall along a rocky ledge for an all-natural hydromassage. An oasis of calm, the waterfall's surroundings are the perfect spot for a picnic. Several more pools of turquoise water are also tucked away below the waterfall – the ideal place to try your hand at shrimp fishing.

Tao Waterfall