The Café Oui Oui, a local institution

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The Café Oui Oui, a local institution

This small bakery-café is a perfect place for brunch.

A charming, casual style café-bakery, Oui Oui is a popular address in Palermo Hollywood, especially for its hearty breakfasts. Before choosing, start by reviewing the menu on the chalkboard, which usually lists, stuffed croissants (the best in Buenos Aires), freshly baked baguettes, chocolate croissants and eggs Benedict.

The speciality of the house: the submarino, a delicious, traditional old-fashioned hot chocolate. Also try the famous pizza, warm camembert cheese served with nutty bread, delicious lemonade, and especially the waffle with dulce de leche (Argentinean sweet milk syrup).

If you want a little quiet, choose a table near the street corner, or go into the back room furnished with books, rustic wooden tables, and fresh flowers in vases.

Oui Oui
Nicaragua 6068
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 47 78 96 14

Menu: from 230 ARS