The Alchemist Bar, for successful chemistry!

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The Alchemist Bar, for successful chemistry!

In the evening air and with music pumping, jump into the heart of the lively Nairobi nights.

The Alchemist Bar, located in the classy Westlands neighbourhood, mixes hip hop rhythms with funk and soul played by African DJs late into the night. In the large outdoor area with heteroclite decor, wooden crates serve as coffee tables alongside soft couches covered in African fabrics. Opt for a cocktail prepared by the best mixologists of the capital and dance to the music of the DJs' mixes. If you are feeling hungry, you can even dig into the “best hamburger of Nairobi”.
Fashionable visitors interested in art, music and food gather around the counter. You can meet the next generation of local artists at regularly occurring evening events with dance performances or documentary projections and even a food truck with delicious little snacks. Not to be missed!

The Alchemist Bar
Parklands Road

+254 727 591116 

Menu: around 1,000 KES