Street art stars in the heart of Marseille

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Street art stars in the heart of Marseille

For more than three decades, a wind of freedom has blown on the walls of this Mediterranean city. Discover graffiti throughout the urban area, a newly recognized and acclaimed art.

Since the 1980s, street art has made Marseille an open-air museum: alleys are coloured by graffiti lettering and walls are decorated with colourful frescoes. Local authorities are now giving free rein to the imagination of artists and, for the last four years, have authorized the organization of the Marseille Street Art Show within the Galerie Saint-Laurent, a communion of urban and contemporary arts.

Your walk starts at the Cours Julien. As the terraces come to life and the alleys fill with people, the painters' aerosol cans whistle softly. Each patch of wall or staircase has the colours chosen by its creator. A former tobacco factory, the Friche Belle de Mai brings together many cultural and artistic disciplines around theatre and exhibitions. Skateboarders also are on the scene and move through the urban works at Escale Borély, the Californian-style rendezvous of Marseille. Finally, the legendary Panier district is decorated with taste by the works of artists such as Gamo, Bobar, Difuz and Asha

Marseille Street Art Show
Galerie Saint-Laurent
Chemin de la Madrague-Ville
13015 Marseille

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