Slow food enthusiasts come together at Fismuler

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Slow food enthusiasts come together at Fismuler

Fismuler's concept was first developed in Madrid, before finally setting up home on the ground floor of the Rec Hotel, a stone's throw from Barcelona's triumphal arch

They already revolutionised Madrid's gastronomic scene and are intent on doing so in Barcelona. The three friends Nino Ridruello, Patxi Zumárraga and Jaime Santinanes use Fismuler to promote a healthy cuisine, local and seasonal, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Large picture windows reveal modern design. Scandinavian overtones can be felt through subdued lighting on the ceiling and tiles on the floor. The “natural” decoration will catch your eyes: huge glass jars have been piled up on wooden shelvings, where corn, tomatoes and olives are stored for the following winter. In line with the restaurant's concept, the menu changes every day, depending on availabilities. Generous servings may therefore include razor clams in Galician sauce, stuffed urchins and veal sauté with chickpeas and crayfish. Always on the menu though, the cheesecake that brings Madrid and Barcelona back together!

Carrer del Rec Comtal, 17
08003 Barcelona

+34 935 14 00 50

Menu: around 35 EUR