Slo Living Hostel, place of sharing

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Slo Living Hostel, place of sharing

For travellers from all over in search of conviviality and sharing, this inn is yours.

Forget crowded and noisy dormitories, here is an example of the new generation of hostels that certain hotels might envy. The spirit of sharing is always at the heart of this place, with its large table d'hôte and bar, where everyone can talk about their travels, or their encounters and projects. Accents of the world resonate happily on all sides, and the atmosphere soon becomes warm around Lyonnais specialties washed down with local wines. Two evenings a week are dedicated to tasting the local cuisine.

The setting is suitable for meetings, with bright and clear spaces while the decor displays a Scandinavian design spirit accentuated with small touches of bright colours.

Ideally located in one of the liveliest areas of the city, five minutes away from the quays of the Rhône, the hostel offers nine rooms for one to eight people to all those who seek a different travellers experience, whether they are students, single travelers, families, or business people.

Slo Living Hostel
5, rue Bonnefoi
69003 Lyon

+33 (0)4 78 59 06 90

Private rooms: from 75 EUR