Relaxation in the village of Saint-Leu

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Relaxation in the village of Saint-Leu

A small waterfront town, Saint-Leu, is the Réunion surfing capital with a world-renowned reputation.

Just 16 km south of Saint-Gilles, Saint-Leu is an important seaside fishing village. Close by is the legendary surfer beach, “Gauche de Saint-Leu”, a world-class surfing spot. With its multitude of fish species, it is also the starting point for underwater diving enthusiasts.

There are many paragliding clubs located in the town; Réunion's microclimate enables flights almost year-round. Other activities such as sailing, fishing, mountain biking, and hiking are yours for the taking. Forest trails, year-round swimming, white sand beaches and a warm, mild climate with water temperature at 25°C make Saint-Leu a sports-lover's destination spot.

Saint-Leu is a modern, vibrant city, with a number of must-see historical and cultural sites such as the Notre Dame de La Salette sanctuary, the scene of an annual pilgrimage, the Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory and Kélonia, an observatory for sea turtles.