Polo, the second national sport

Polo, the second national sport

Watching a polo match allows you to sense the vibrations of the country in an original and thoroughly exotic manner.

A legacy of British colonisation in the 19th century, Polo is the second national sport after football. But more than a sport, Polo is mostly a lifestyle that is played in the haciendas from an early age. A match is played with two teams of four players, mallet in hand (rattan and bamboo) and a ball that teams have to pass between two goals for several periods of 7-and-a half-minutes each called chukkers.

The Polo season starts in early spring. In September, the Palermo Stadium receives the biggest Polo competitions in the world every year. During the Palermo Open, the Tortugas Open and the Hurlingham Open, the best teams compete for glory...and money. Book your tickets and discover the fervour of the people for this fascinating sport.

If you want to try to taquear, (hit the ball on horseback), you need to head towards a hacienda near Buenos Aires, the Estancia La Sofia in San Antonio de Areco, where a professional will introduce you to the sport.

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