Court-circuit, locavore restaurant

Court-circuit, locavore restaurant

An atypical place, designed for tasting simple pleasures and experiencing the atmosphere of the lively Guillotière district.

Everything is said in the name. The concept of the short circuit supports local, small, organic production with an unpretentious menu but one whose quality and freshness are impeccable.

It is a citizen's movement, and the initiative has had no difficulty finding followers: this bar-restaurant has been constantly full since its creation in 2010. Recipes follow the seasons and highlight forgotten products such as Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips...

The dishes are generous, and vegetarians as well as lovers of good meat will be well served here. A rendez-vous hot spot, the Court-Circuit draws a dynamic crowd that loves to gather around plates of nibbles, while commenting on an exhibition, a film, or a concert.

13, rue Jangot
69007 Lyon

+33 (0)9 54 36 61 29

Menu: around 18 EUR