Le Canard Royal, empire of the web-footed bird

Le Canard Royal, empire of the web-footed bird

In Pau, this restaurant is dedicated to serving duck, from confit to liver and fillet.

Duck lovers, here is a spot for you! Located near the castle, Le Canard Royal reveals authentic cuisine from the southwest of France, where the poultry is offered in a wide range of recipes. Set within the exposed-stone walls of formerly known "Chez Coin-Coin" ("At Quack-Quack") establishment, and with duck already in the spotlight, the restaurant cultivates local ingredients and skills, which chef Jérôme Martinez uses to prepare traditional dishes. Everything is homemade, all through ice creams and sorbets on the dessert menu.
Refined plates come and go, carrying the famous cassoulet, various foie gras iterations, as well as breast fillets and confit. If you cannot make up your mind, a mixed fricassee will surely help, blending fillets, strips and hearts into one full meal, served with cep mushrooms or chopped parsley and garlic. End on another local note with sheep's cheese from the Pyrenees and its black cherry jam. A compendium of southwestern cuisine at once!

Le Canard Royal
13, rue du Moulin
64000 Pau

+33 (0)5 59 84 08 26


Menu: around 36 EUR