La Grande Poste, cultural centre par excellence

La Grande Poste, cultural centre par excellence

Head to the former main post office of Bordeaux where you can have something to eat… and also something to see!

Enter this Art Deco building redone by architects Corinne Page and Jean-Louis Valadié. Imagined by Marilyne Minault, it aims to be eclectic and contains several cultural centres. You can take the opportunity to taste Chef Christophe Cappi's dishes and his bistronomic cuisine and enjoy a delicious carpaccio of sea bream or paella with seasonal vegetables. For dessert, do not miss the strawberry and raspberry crumble, accompanied by a yogurt mousse with orange blossom or perhaps some caramelized popcorn.

Once your meal is over, there are several spaces available to visit. You can enjoy a drink in the bar on the ground floor, attend performances of all kinds—music, theatre, dance and more—offered each year in over 40 shows. Every month, find pop-up shops upstairs where designers and craftsmen present their creations. You will discover their universe and may leave with some of their works!

La Grande Poste
7, rue du Palais Gallien
33000 Bordeaux

+33 (0)5 56 01 53 90

Menu: around 34 EUR