La Ferme Ostalapia

La Ferme Ostalapia

Not far from Biarritz, a place out of time with stunning views of the Rhune.

Having a romantic dinner at the Ferme Ostalapia is a bit like privatising the Pyrenees just long enough for an intimate tête-à-tête.

Leave your jewels at home; tonight you are betting everything on authenticity. Come here to take your time and enjoy the small, simple pleasures that make life better, like piperade omelette, Banka trout, sautéed calamari or pigs ears, braised Kintoa pork cheeks, calf sweetbread or lièvre à la royale (civet of hare with foie gras)…

Finishing the romantic evening at your neighbour's table is also known to happen, humming along to Basque songs while drinking in the lovely scenery…

La Ferme Ostalapia
2621 Chemin d'Ostalapia
64210 Ahetze

+33 (0)5 59 54 73 79

Menu: around 40 EUR