La Cantinetta, an “Italian” in Marseille

La Cantinetta, an “Italian” in Marseille

With a reputation second to none, this is the go-to place for lovers of authentic Italian cuisine.

Stéphanie and Pierre-Antoine opened La Cantinetta in 2006, near the music conservatory and the picturesque square of Cour Julien. This Italian restaurant has a friendly atmosphere that is constantly renewing itself hence its success with Marseillais regulars and newcomers alike. In the all-wood interior or on the lush terrace, an eclectic crowd comes to enjoy delicious dishes, prepared by two experienced Italian chefs, Luigi and Julio. La Cantinetta owes its success to the development of each product in situ. Through their travels, Stéphanie and Pierre-Antoine have come to know all the best Italian artisanal suppliers.

Meats and cheeses, selected from the most famous Italian sources, take on their full dimensions, accompanied by tasty wines from Italy's best wineries. This is Italian haute cuisine at its best and at incredibly fair prices. A must.

La Cantinetta
24, cours Julien
13006 Marseille

+ 33 (0)4 91 48 10 48

Menu: around 27 EUR