Habitation Clément, a mansion of rum trade secrets

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Habitation Clément, a mansion of rum trade secrets

This is one of the finest properties on Martinique, surrounded by a beautiful garden where you will learn about the secrets of the rum trade.

Out of an old house in disrepair, its owners who bought it in 1986 have made a superb colonial mansion visited annually by more than 80,000 people.

Its claim to fame: hosting the Franco-American summit in 1991 when François Mitterrand and US President George Bush had the opportunity to meet after the Gulf War.

Completely restored in 2002, Habitation Clément allows you to understand the making of rum from cane cultivation to its aging over several years in wooden barrels, expertise that has carried on for decades and that each producer keeps jealously secret.

Habitation Clément
Domaine de l'Acajou
92240 Le François

+596 (0)5 96 54 75 51