Gold Coast Railroad Museum, a train affair

Gold Coast Railroad Museum, a train affair

Gold Coast Railroad Museum, family museum and paradise for historic railway wagon lovers.

First railway museum in the State of Florida and one of the most beautiful in the United States, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum will absolutely amaze young and old alike. During your guided visit, you will discover over 40 antique yet restored railway wagons like the “Ferdinand Magellan”, the armoured wagon used by presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower, classified today as a “National Historic Monument”.
Get on board, explore them from end to end, visit steam and diesel locomotives and their drivers' cabins. If you come on the weekend, you will have a chance to go for a train ride. Learn all there is to know about the history of these railway vehicles and the hectic past of the museum, and attend numerous events and exhibits organized throughout the year.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum
12450 SW 152nd Street
Miami, FL 33177-1402

+1 305 253 0063