Dom Bosco Sanctuary, a dream in blue

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Dom Bosco Sanctuary, a dream in blue

The architect Vasconcelos Naves dreamt of a church held up by its stained glass walls over which only the sun would reign.

On the edge of Lake Paranoá, a block of solid concrete stands behind some bare trees, at the foot of which a few cars are parked. From the outside, the sacred building seems somewhat numbed by the modernity of its construction. However, the Dom Bosco sanctuary has been impressing crowds of visitors since the end of the 19th century. But you will need to penetrate inside to comprehend its full splendour, so step inside this amazing building.
In 1883, Jean Bosco predicted to his people the creation of a utopian city, symbol of their right and noble future. Following the instructions of the holy man, the colours and spaces intertwine around statues and altars of pink marble. Under the four dozen pointed arches, Hubert van Doorne's windows flood the room with a heavenly, almost cosmic blue light. As the day falls on the streets of Brasília, the 7,400 pieces of Murano crystal glass of the central chandelier reveal the azure treasures of the church overhung by a cedar crucifix.

Santuario Dom Bosco
St. de Habitações Individuais Geminadas Sul 702
Brasília 70297-400

+55 (0)61 3223 6542