Reach your cruising speed!

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Reach your cruising speed!

Whether you want to visit Porto with a different viewpoint or push on to the Valley some 60 miles away, cruising the Douro is the promise of a romantic or family getaway.

Often called Portugal's River of Gold, the Douro is the perfect witness of the ongoing love story between man and vines, amidst blossoming mimosas. Cruise the river for an unusual sight over the city's sunny terraces and pink roofs. Porto will thus reveal an intimate and nostalgic image, filled with generations of wine growers working the land and building terraced walls along the shores.
Go with the flow for close to an hour on the famous Six Bridges river cruise, between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. You will get close and below the following bridges: Dom Luís I, Arrábida, Maria Pia, São João, Infante and Freixo. If you feel like it, take one or two extra days and go to Régua and Pinhão from the Porto landing stage. Finally, if you happen to have some more time ahead of you, why not try a six, seven - hell, even eight - day-cruise? You will sail along till Pocinho and Barca d'Alva, a small hamlet that is a good place to settle, near the International Douro Natural Park. Wander around the perfumed lines of green vines swaying softly along the curbs of the Douro Valley.

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