Creators' Village, tomorrow's greats

Creators' Village, tomorrow's greats

A nursery for young talents in fashion, design, and decor.

The Creators Village was established to support the Lyonnais creations of young stylists and new designers. Its illustrious sponsors include Serge Bensimon, Jérôme Lhuillier, and Chantal Thomass, among others. Every year, the Talents de Mode contest rewards one of these future greats.

The Village is located on Passage Thiaffait, a former traboule (passageway) that has been entirely renovated into shops and boutiques.

A must see is VDC/B, a concept shop that offers unique items, all of which are manufactured locally in the Rhône Alps. Clothing, accessories, jewellery, decor... capsule collections are renewed every month.

Village des Créateurs
Passage Thiaffait
19, rue René Leynaud
69001 Lyon
+ 33 (0)4 78 27 37 21