Surfing lessons on the Côte des Basques

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Surfing lessons on the Côte des Basques

The pro surfers of the École du Surf Français Biarritz give surf lessons to all levels.

The Côte des Basques is the most famous surf beach in France, attracting locals and surfers from around the world. Often described as a "French California", it is also great for windsurfing. The famous Villa Belza looks down on the beach, which only appears at low tide.

The striped tents of the surf schools on the Côte des Basques promenade offer surf lessons, supervised by professionals, for beginners and advanced surfers. A great opportunity to discover surfing codes and learn how to perfect your take-off position. Beginners will learn new sensations, which will be hard to suppress once they try.

Sessions invariably end with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the region, the Spanish coast lying just off in the distance. If you're lucky you just might get a glimpse of the famous "Green Ray", a rare meteorological phenomenon: a green spot becomes visible for a few seconds on top of the sun at the very moment it sinks into the horizon line.

École du Surf Français
56 rue de Madrid
64200 Biarritz

+33 (0)5 59 41 11 18