Byblos: more than 7,000 years of history

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Byblos: more than 7,000 years of history

Forty kilometres north of Beirut, the Phoenician city of Byblos has played a key role in the history of mankind.

A trip to Byblos is a trip back in time through 7,000 years of history, from the Neolithic period to ancient Egypt and the Phoenicians, and on through other cultural and religious influences Greek, Roman, Christian, and Byzantine.

In the southern part of the old town are the archaeological ruins of the temple of Ba‘alat Gebal, along with obelisks and Neolithic huts extending to the Crusader castle. A visit to the wax museum is a great way to learn, through its vast collection of tableaux, the full arc of Lebanese history and culture. Stop in the small restaurant Bab El Mina in the old port for freshly caught fish with taratour, the local sauce, before returning to the streets of the old city and its souks.

After a day visiting archaeological sites, return to the excesses of the present at the Edde Sands private beach seven restaurants, six pools, multiple shops, all on the most beautiful beach in Lebanon.

Bab El Mina
Vieux Port

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