Bibliotheca Alexandrina: the rebirth of a legend

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina: the rebirth of a legend

On the Mediterranean shores, the Library of Alexandria has been entirely renovated. It houses a huge cultural complex mixing art, history and philosophy.

In fact, it is a double resurrection because this new library also puts the city of Alexandria to the fore of the international scene once again. Alexandria was the hub of knowledge in antiquity and, much later, until the 1952 revolution, like Cairo, one of the centres of Egypt's cultural and social life. You have to drive three hours to get there from the capital. The road is safe and well maintained.

Arriving on the coastal road offers a stunning view of the Bibliotheca's impressive silhouette. Its tilted roof, 160 metres in diameter, is covered with glass panels that are reflected in the sea. It is placed on Aswan granite arches with sculpted characters in 120 different languages. The reading room honouring its ancestor is equally impressive. It can accommodate up to 2,000 people on several floors, and provides them with five million books.

Very much of its time, this very modern library is also a cultural and multi-media centre, of which all of Egypt is proud.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Alexandrina Governorate
21 526 Alexandria

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