An enchanted side trip to Atelier do Brasil

An enchanted side trip to Atelier do Brasil

For a dinner away from the frenzy of Canoa Quebrada, the trendy seaside resort.

Subdued lights, enveloping music and an attentive staff welcome you to this pretty restaurant. This cosy place with a warm atmosphere offers a multitude of delicious dishes. Atelier Do Brasil has found the perfect alchemy in its gastronomic influences, skilfully combining Brazilian flavours with Mediterranean inspirations.
Get ready for a real taste festival! Choose from seafood dishes or meat specialties and let the smells inspire you. We recommend the shrimp risotto or the delicious French toast with dulce de leche.
If it is hard to leave this idyllic setting, don't worry: the menu is so complete that you'll be enticed to come back.

Atelier do Brasil
Rua Nascer do Sol, 360
Canoa Quebrada - CE, 62800-000

+55 88 8817 9964

Menu: around 35 BRL