Al Mercà: the best wine bar

Al Mercà: the best wine bar

At cocktail hour, pop into one of Venice's favourite hangouts.

In late afternoon, Venetians like to come to this tiny place to talk about the world over a glass of wine. Some proclaim loudly that this is the best wine bar in Venice. It is, indeed,undoubtedly one of the best! Here, you remain standing.

Order a glass of ‘Rosso Masieri' or a Spritz at the bar,and snack on homemade paninis, delicious sausages, or cod fritters. The counter is laden with delicacies that can be eaten with or without hunger, but always with relish. Conversations start up, anecdotes are exchanged, and, before you know it, you're there for the night.

you care to be seated, you can sit in front of the large barrels that function as tables, or take a spot outside on the steps to philosophize while facing the canal.

Al Mercà
Campo della Vienna 213
30125 Venezia

+39 (0)346 834 0660

Menu: from 5 EUR