A thermal treatment in curative waters

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A thermal treatment in curative waters

The new Ravine Chaude spa will open its doors in early 2016. Included in the programme are balneotherapy and bathing in 33°C spring water with ancient and virtuous properties.

Originally built in 1960 and then closed in 2006, this new, reinvented, and much-awaited spa, after several restoration projects, will finally open. Its outstanding location in Basse-Terre, 110 metres above sea level and built against the mountain's lush vegetation, makes it an idyllic space both for its environment and the quality of its care.

Its therapeutic waters flow at a temperature of 33°C from the sources of the Lézarde heights, close to the volcano, to lead directly into the pool, showers, and other facilities. The thermo-mineral waters are rich in iron and calcium, and a range of other minerals that are beneficial for rheumatism and skin diseases. With its pool, whirlpool, and spa, this new spa centre and its ultramodern infrastructures assure greater wellness.

Whether you opt for a makeover or a therapeutic stay, these waters definitely invigorate your body and mind, and increase your energy. There are several packages available starting from day access to full cures.

Ravine Chaude
Rue de la République
97129 Lamentin

+590 (0)5 90 25 36 25