A night up high

A night up high

Just five minutes from Filitosa, spend a most unexpected night at the top of the Génoise Micalona Tower, ​​restored in keeping with traditions.

Perched at the top of an old watchtower, alone in the world – but for the local birds – spend an unforgettable moment in a stone structure of the Genoese era. Formerly one of the strongholds of the military defence of the region, this 15th-century tower was used to watch for the arrival of enemy ships. When they appeared on the horizon, the guards lit a fire on the roof to alert the surrounding population, who would take refuge in the maquis (dense natural environment where to go underground). Today, a historical remnant of a bygone era, the monument has been converted into a two-bedroom apartment that is available to rent. The rustic living room was formerly the guardroom, there is also a solarium, a small bathroom and two kitchens, one on the ground floor near a shaded terrace, and another near the living room on the second floor. At nightfall, you can even lounge by a heated pool cut into the rock with stunning views of the sea and the Taravo River.

Tour Génoise Micalona
20113 Propriano

+33 (0)6 22 54 49 01


Apartment: from 1,400 EUR (for three days)