Extra legroom seat

Enjoy more legroom throughout your flight with an Extra Legroom Seat in the Economy cabin.


Depending on the aircraft*, these seats are located:
  • Next to the emergency exit doors on all aircrafts
  • In some rows other than those located next to the emergency exit doors

* This offer does not apply for flights on the A340 operated by Air France.

Experience a 360° view of the Extra Legroom Seat


The Extra Legroom Seat is available for all flights. The price of this Seat Option varies depending on your destination and travel dates. The price of this service varies according to your destination and travel dates.
For flights within metropolitan France:
- When you check in online, on your mobile phone, or at the airport

For all other flights:
- When you book your ticket
- After purchasing your ticket in the "Your Bookings" section of the website
- When you check in online, on the mobile app or at the airport

Please note: Extra Legroom Seats are subject to availability, so please reserve your seat as early as possible.

* Standard recline and comfort.

Benefits for Flying Blue members

The Extra Legroom Seat is offered at no extra charge to Air France and KLM Flying Blue Platinum members. Gold, Silver and Explorer Flying Blue members receive a discount: 50% for Flying Blue Gold members, 25% for Flying Blue Silver members and 10% for Flying Blue Explorer members. To take advantage of the free or discounted fare, members must identify themselves with their Flying Blue number when purchasing their ticket.
For medium-haul and long-haul flights, you can pay for the Seat Plus option with your Flying Blue Miles in the My Bookings section of the website
Bluebiz members can use their Blue Credits to pay for the Extra Legroom Seat Option.
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