We offer a wide selection of beverages and a snack on board.

A wide selection of beverages

Choose from a wide selection of beverages available at no extra charge: hot or cold, still or sparkling, with or without alcohol. Tell us what you like!

A fine dining experience

On longer flights,* we offer a hot meal: a delectable breakfast in the morning or a savoury meal at any other time of day. You are sure to enjoy a gourmet experience during your trip! We also offer a special meal for children, using organic ingredients where possible.
Food allergen information
On flights departing from Europe, the cabin crew will provide information pertaining to food allerg
ens contained in meals.

* Amman, Athens, Bucharest, Casablanca, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Rabat, Saint Petersburg, Sofia, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Yerevan.

A generous snack served on short-haul flights

On short flights,* we offer a snack adapted to the time of day, including: a croissant or pastry in the morning, a cold sandwich at meal time, savory or sweet biscuits, a sweet treat in the afternoon.

* Flights of 2 hours 50 minutes or less

At home in the sky

Take a moment to relax by browsing our selection of digital press. With the Air France Play app, you can follow the news even when you are in the sky. Read your favorite publications while enjoying a coffee and croissant. Make yourself at home!

Air France Play – new and improved! Now with video on demand, you can create your own personalized entertainment program. Download your favorite films, TV series, documentaries, cartoons…it’s all free!

This offer is available on longer flights*, starting 30 hours before your flight’s departure.

* Algiers, Amman, Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Casablanca, Gothenburg, Istanbul, Kiev, Lisbon, Madrid, Moscow, Naples, Oran, Rabat, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Sofia, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Tunis, Warsaw, Yerevan.

Products tailored to you
Treat yourself to something nice during your flight* and browse the Air France Shopping catalog available in the Air France magazine. From perfume, apparel and accessories to electronics, you can find the item that is right for you at any time during your flight!

* Service available on flights to and from Amman, Athens, Casablanca, Istanbul,
Kiev, Moscow, Rabat, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv and Yerevan

Please note: if your flight is provided by one of our partner airlines, certain Air France services may not be available on board or at the airport.

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